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At Nitval, we know the importance of computer and telecommunications services for companies that, like yours, wish to be at the forefront. Always starting from a thorough analysis of work methods and short, medium and long-term requirements, we offer you to implement only the solutions that perfectly fit your needs.

Network Services


We provide consultants-specialists in Internet services, networks, systems, and telecommunications. We aim to streamline and facilitate your work, reduce costs and increase your productivity. We study in detail the needs, analyze the market, and evaluate the client’s resources. As a result, we present a solution with the lines of action that we consider necessary. In addition, if you wish, we support your staff in the subsequent implementation process.

Offer of services

LAN Services
Local networks: User management, applications, hardware...
Structured Cabling Services
Structured cabling: Cable and wireless networks, routers, and switches...
WAN Services
Corporate WAN networks: Interconnection of sites, VPNs...
VoIP Advice Services
Telecommunications: IP telephony, communication lines...
Hardware Advice Services
Hardware: Servers, UPS, Storage Systems, Clusters...
Software Advice Services
Software: Software installation and advice...