Material Purchases

Purchases in computer equipment and information technology are an important investment item for many companies. Unfortunately, given the great variety of devices, models, applications, and stores, you do not always know what to choose and where to buy. At Nitval we advise you to always find what you really need and at the best price.

Asesoría en compras IT


We advise you on the best option to cover your needs and we suggest features, brands, and models. We always work on the premise of looking for the options that our client really needs, so we analyze in detail the present and future use of your equipment


It doesn’t matter if you are an individual, a business that needs few units or a company that makes high purchases of material, we always recommend the best place to make the purchase based on your characteristics. We only work with absolute trustworthy providers that offer competitive prices and that respond during warranty and support periods.

Spend what you need

Many times material is rejected as obsolete when it is not. Repairable physical failures, software problems that slow down, bad configurations or equipment that could be improved with a small update cost, are circumstances that usually lead to a new unnecessary purchase. With our purchase counseling service, this will not happen.

Anticipate your purchases

We offer you the possibility of analyzing your equipment to detect in advance the need to acquire new material in the medium term. Keep in mind that foreseeing purchases gives you time to probe the market and opens the door to find very interesting punctual or temporary offers.

Great purchases

We help companies that require volume purchases or acquire high-cost equipment to negotiate adjusted prices and favorable financing conditions.