We increase productivity and avoid threats

Having an answer to the questions that we present below is essential for any business manager

What threats can my company suffer?

Can they have serious consequences?

What kind of protection do I need?

Many answers are known but others, especially those of a technological nature, are somewhat ambiguous. We know that they can seriously affect productivity and that we must tackle them by implementing custom-made solutions, but we do not know exactly which ones.

The possible threats may be due, among other reasons, to errors of workers, breakdowns, intentional attacks, poor management of resources, industrial espionage, etc. Traditionally, we assume that the most serious are those external to the company, but the fact is that recent studies (2015 CSI / FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey) reveal that the majority of productivity losses are due to poor management of resources, to poor planning of the processes related to new technologies, to attacks/lnformation theft of internal origin, to the implementation of non-personalized generalist solutions and to the lack of specialized personnel within the company.

A good security strategy and a well-sized resource management, through customized solutions, can save a lot of time and money, but we must not forget that these activities should not be understood as something punctual and should be reviewed and tested on a regular basis. In addition, current work environments are very dynamic and require constant revision to maintain and improve productivity..


Computer attacks, Software, System failures, Regulations...

Malware: Viruses, Trojans, Phishing...

Whether simple or dangerous, the proliferation of viruses and malicious software has challenged many companies. Created to erase data, allow remote access and reproduce massively, they are capable of damaging the entire computer structure of a company in a matter of hours. Every day dozens of new variants appear and their diffusion through local networks and the Internet (especially by e-mail) is so fast that in a couple of days they can spread throughout the planet. The problem is so serious that governments have created websites to alert against potential infections and threats.

Cyber-Criminals, Lammers, Crackers...

A "wildlife of predators" lurks on the Internet and your network may be the target today. From the most sophisticated and intelligent whose goal is to enter systems to steal information or simply demonstrate that they are capable of violating the systems, to those with little knowledge of computer science (the most dangerous from the point of view of SMEs) who download programs or follow instructions on how to damage equipment and data. All of them pose a serious threat.

Server Failures

Many companies store their fundamental information in servers and access it through the network, from workstations. However, what is necessary for the good management of this central equipment is not always invested. Although we are all aware of the number of work hours (productivity) that are lost if some of them is out of service, their response time is slow or their information is lost, we do not provide the specialized attention they require and we forget that they are one of the key pillars of the business.

Poor Management of Resources / Purchases

Many companies make investments in new equipment that, in the end, do not seem to have served for almost anything because previously there had not been a good planning and sizing of the systems. With a good knowledge of the alternatives offered by the market, we can design and implement technological solutions that have an affordable cost, optimize productivity and adapt to our processes, methods, and workflows. To achieve this goal, it is often enough to use the equipment already available more intelligently and efficiently and make very little or no additional investment.

Dissatisfied Employees or Failures

Although it is not usually the general trend, certain disgruntled employees could get to erase or alter information, disable equipment, etc. On the other hand, fortuitous personnel errors when handling files or applications can damage or erase relevant information. Good access control, monitoring of user activity, correct copy management, and a right business security policy will avoid these situations.

Internet Access

The Internet is a strategic tool for many companies but, on occasion, it leads to a drop in productivity due to the fact that certain employees waste a lot of time visiting Web sites that have nothing to do with the performance of their professional work. Similarly, the temporary unavailability of Internet-related services (such as email) can be a serious handicap for many businesses.

Problems in Work Stations

How many hours of work have you lost because of user equipment that hangs, goes very slow, or gives errors ?. Achieving a high degree of availability in the computers of workers is undoubtedly one of the pillars for success.

Failure to Comply with Current Legislation

The State tries to regulate aspects related to the use of information technologies and the protection of personal data. As a consequence, it promulgates new mandatory laws and high sanctions for offenders.


For ignoring the importance of technological threats

The technological society in which we live forces companies that want to be leaders to make constant adaptations trying to avoid potential threats and looking for solutions that allow them to improve their productivity and competitiveness. Unfortunately, the time and personnel necessary to probe the market in search of those leading solutions that best meet the requirements of our company are not always available. In addition, in most cases, these solutions and/or products should be configured in a way that suits our needs. Due...

It is in these cases when companies find the help and advice of specialists essential. In Nitval we have a great team specialized in computer security, networks, and systems and we are looking forward to helping you. Do not wait any longer and ask us your case.


Productivity to the maximum, risk to the minimum

All the companies that wish to be competitive, while avoiding possible threats, should dimension their IT infrastructure following the following steps...

Of all the previous points, the last one is by far the most important because it tells us about the capabilities of the personnel that should be responsible for the other points. Unfortunately, not all companies have the necessary resources to deal with the problem. They do not have the sufficiently qualified personnel, it is difficult to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths in an objective way, or the necessary time is not available.

At NITVAL we are perfectly aware of the problem; so we only offer outsourcing solutions based on six premises: